Our debut EP is out September 2!

I can’t believe our debut EP, self-titled Teens in Trouble, is finally out in less than a month! We’re releasing it digitally via Asian Man Records on September 2 and you can pre-save it here: ffm.to/teensintrouble

It’s been such a journey with these songs that I started writing at the start of the pandemic after a five-year hiatus and writer’s block. From leaving California, to quarantine, to isolating myself in Asheville after months of introspection, and then reconnecting with my music community, here’s my little labor of love and a new beginning. I hope you check it out!

Also! We *will* have a vinyl release for the EP. It’s no secret that pressing plants are super backed up right now, but we’ll let you know when pre-orders are up, which should be soon.

Thanks so much to everyone for the support so far on the last two singles “I’m Not Worried” and “Decomposing,” and to those who have stuck around since “Santa Monica”!


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