Teens in Trouble EP Out Now + Bandcamp Friday!

What a rollercoaster! Usually I have these posts prepared in advance, but I’m stuck here–three hours before the EP is out–not really knowing what to say. It’s been emotional! It’s been exciting. This is the end of one chapter of my life and the start of a new one. Anyway, before I continue to word vomit, our debut EP, Teens in Trouble, is out now on Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music, and other major streaming platforms.

And guess what–today is also Bandcamp Friday! That means artists get 100% of the revenue from midnight to midnight Pacific Time today, September 2nd. So you can head on over to Asian Man Records’ Bandcamp page and support us by purchasing our EP.

I have so many people to thank for helping bring this project to life, believing in me, and supporting me in so many ways, from listening to early demos, to giving me space to do this, to helping spread the word, and so much more.

Thanks to Mike Park and Asian Man Records for digging my music and believing in it enough to put it out! Thanks to Randy Moore for producing the EP and not only helping turn my little indie acoustic ditties into absolute rippers, but also just being so kind and supportive throughout the whole process. Thanks to Ryan Perras for engineering and also sprinkling his fairy dust onto the project–you rule and I love District Recording! Thanks to Henry Chadwick for shredding on drums and being a sounding board during the mixing process. Thanks to Mike Huguenor for just, like, keeping in touch after all these years and sharing your signature guitar tone on “I’m Not Worried” and “I Wonder What You’re Doing Now.” Having you on the record means so much to me! Thanks to Laura Weinbach for helping me prepare for this and providing support during the recording session (and backing vocals on “Old Starnes Cove Road” and “Decomposing,” as well as handclaps). Thanks to Jason Chiorean for dropping by on the last day and providing backing vocals and handclaps on “Decomposing.” Thanks to Sim Castro for also stopping by the studio to say hello and even offering some good feedback that helped shape “I’m Not Worried”! Thanks to my best friend Aja Pilapil for documenting everything during the recording session and also providing moral support. I love you! Thanks to Hans DeKline for coming back to master the EP, after mastering “Santa Monica” for me all the way back in 2015!

Whew, and that’s just the EP recording! Also thanks to: Seth Killian, Melanie Chin, Jamie Coletta, Kyle Broom, Amy Power, Shak Khavarian, Max Goldman, G Leonardo, Lauren Gold, Naomi Kyle, Lizzy Ellison, Gretchen Klempa, Bailey Moses, Helene Grotans, Sam Sieger, Grayson Simon, Dan Auer, Isaac Feldberg, Nick Schuneman, Patrick Stovall, Fikri Yucel, Ricky Brockway, Bob Vielma, Aaron Kovacs, Chris No. 2, Titter, ghost busters, Gearhead, Malkin, Nook, and you 💖

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